Children's Museum of South Dakota



Discover your Inner Artist   

Self-expression lies at the heart of children's play. For young children, artistic expression with different materials and scientific inquiry are very closely related.

Whether it's exploring how different tones sound together, exploring color through finger-painting, or exploring patterns on the giant glow stick board, children learn through artistic expression. In Sensations, children learn about math and geometry while solving challenges related to visual and musical patterns. They learn about working together to solve problems, and they learn about cultivating their own creativity. Open-ended experimentation is the key to Sensations.

The Creativity Lab invites children to experiment with patterns, textures, shapes, and colors. In Airway Adventureexperimentation with airflow is a breeze while the Art Studio is a fun, energetic space for children to engage in hands-on art activities and projects. There are many opportunities to collaborate while being creative. Take the possibilities to a whole new level, both during your visit to the Children's Museum of South Dakota and with the recommended resources in Beyond Sensations.