Children's Museum of South Dakota

Evaluation & Research

Connecting Discovery and Learning 


As the Children’s Museum of South Dakota develops and grows, the staff will seek feedback about how each gallery and exhibit is working, how families use them, and how the galleries and exhibits may be improved. 

On evaluation days, you will see a sign at the front desk that reads, “Evaluation observation occurring today in {a specific gallery}.” You also may see a museum staff person observing in a gallery. They will be watching to see how the gallery exhibits are used in order to gain insight about them. They will not be collecting personal information.  

If a gallery evaluation would include using recordings of conversations or videotaping actions, prior consent of family groups will always be obtained.  


Because the children’s museum field is relatively young (about 40 years), the Children’s Museum of South Dakota is poised to greatly contribute to it. As part of the building process, the museum board and staff considered how CMSD may contribute research and equipped the museum for potential research activities.

On days when research is occurring, there will be a sign at the front desk informing guests that a study is underway and will clearly indicate which gallery is involved in the study. Families who choose to participate will be asked to sign a consent form prior to their involvement in the study. 

All studies that occur at the museum will have been reviewed and approved by a board who examines human subject research practices to ensure the quality and safety of research involving children and families.

The Children’s Museum of South Dakota’s Commitment to Research

The Children’s Museum of South Dakota (CMSD) is a regional interactive, experiential children’s museum that is committed to the ideas of learning through play and to the connection between discovery and learning. The CMSD Board values the learning at all levels and welcomes research to be a regular part of the museum environment. It seeks to partner with investigators to conduct studies that uphold the mission of the museum.

For research inquiries, please contact Kate Treiber, Executive Director of the CMSD at (605) 692-6700.